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Priest Lake Light Symphony
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Commercial and Editorial Licensing:

All photos are available for commercial and editorial licensing. Please contact me directly via the "Contact" feature of this site or call me at 509-280-3081 for pricing.

Wholesale Purchases for Retail Outlets:

I have a growing network of retail outlets that sell my fine art notecards and matted prints. Please contact me directly via the "Contact" feature of this site or call me at 509-280-3081 for wholesale pricing.

Direct Sale of Prints:

I prefer to sell directly to people who live in the Spokane area, which will save you shipping costs and give me more control over the quality of what you receive. I only sell large prints via direct sale, regardless of your location which means you won't find larger prints available in the "BUY" menu of this website for that reason. They are available, you'll just need to contact me at or at 509-280-3081 to place the order. If you purchase three or more images in an order I offer a 10% discount. 

Here are some of the prices and product choices available for direct sales. All matted prints are sealed in a clear plastic bag:

Prints on premium lustre paper:

Matted prints come with free notecard featuring same image with description.

     5x7: $15

     8x10: $30 ($35 matted for 11x14 frame.)

     8x12: $30 ($35 matted for 12x16 frame)

     11x14: $40 ($50 matted for 16x20 frame)

     12x12: $30

     12x18: $50 ($75 matted for 18x24 frame)

     12x36: $75

     16x20: $50

     16x24: $60

     16x48: $125

     20x30: $100

     20x60: $250

     24x24: $80

     24x36: $150

Prints on archival-quality canvas:

     12x18 Canvas Print: $125

     12x36 Canvas Print: $195

     16x24 Canvas Print $195

     18x27 Canvas Print: $250

     24x36 Canvas Print: $375

     Email me about custom sizes that are available for most prints.


     5x7 and 3x9 cards: $4 each, 3 for $10, or 7+ for $3 each.
     I fulfill all orders for Notecards directly. Use the Contact menu item above to send me an email and
     let me know what cards you are interested in ordering. I will invoice you via email and mail
     you the order or have you pick it up. Bulk discounts are available on cards for large orders.


If you are not local or prefer the convenience of purchasing through the internet, all photos on the site are available for purchase through this site. I use Bay Photo to process all internet orders. I have the choice of who to select and I choose to use the premium provider, which makes my margins smaller but better ensures the delivery of a quality product.

To see the prices select the photo you wish to purchase, hover the mouse toward the bottom of the screen and click on the green "BUY" button at the lower right of the image. When you click on the green "BUY" button it will ask you to select an option. Select "This Photo" and it will pull up the "BUY PHOTO" menu which shows all the various options. 

I do offer Commercial Downloads of images with different prices for different resolutions. These downloads come with a full commercial license, allowing the licensee to use for advertising and promotional materials (including packaging), online or other electronic distribution systems (including web page design), broadcasts or exhibitions, and any products (including for-sale products) or publications (electronic or print). The commercial license does not grant permission to sublicense, resell or otherwise make available for use or distribution separately or detached from a product or web page.

Contact me at craiggoodwin2 (at) gmail (dot) com with questions or to place a direct order. You can also click on the 'Contact" link at the top of the site.

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