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Craig is a nature photographer whose approach is heavily influenced by the words of famed New York photographer David Vestal. In response to Craig’s question, “How do you decide what to take pictures of?” Mr. Vestal explained, “Whatever I feel like. I just try to pay attention to what’s around me. Things get interesting when you pay attention.”

Craig’s photo outings in the Inland Northwest are worlds away from the urban streets of Manhattan, but the sage photographer’s words hold true regardless of the setting – things do get interesting when we pay attention. Since 2008, with camera in hand, Craig has been learning to pay attention to the unique beauty of the Spokane area where he has lived for 10 years. He focuses on landscapes, wildlife, and night skies. 

His client list includes the U.S. Tourism Board, U.S. National Park Service, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Washington State Parks, Washington Trails Association, Spokesman Review, Vail Resorts, Numerica Bank, Greenstone Homes, Avista Utilities, Arbor Crest Winery, Klundt Hosmer Advertising, Perkins Eastman Architects, University of Washington, Oregon State University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and University of Zurich in Switzerland.

Craig's work has been recognized by National Geographic, the Seattle Times, and Photo Center Northwest where three of his photos were chosen to be included in a public art installation in the Seattle area. Two of his photos are also on display in a traveling art exhibit with Washington State Convention Centers titled, HARVEST: The Bounty of Washington

Craig participates in several art shows in the region including Art on the Green in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane Artfest, and Best of the Northwest in Seattle. Go to the Show Schedule page to see his current schedule of shows and presentations. He also takes on a select number of commercial and architectural assignments. Go to the Commercial and Architectural Gallery to see samples of that work.

He is available to do presentations on the art and practice of photography to groups and organizations. His recent programs with Spokane County Libraries were well received and give an example of what that might look like for other groups.

In October of 2013 Craig was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and the disease is currently in remission. Many of the photos he sells and brings to shows were taken during his year-long journey with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. You can read about this part of his story HERE

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